Outer burial enclosures encase the casket.

Clark Grave Vaults

Clark grave vaults support the weight of surrounding soil, protecting the casket. Their dome-shaped design also allows air pressure inside the vault to keep water below casket level.

10 Gauge Copper Vault
Solid Copper Vault
-10 gauge
-12 gauge
12 Gauge Stainless Steel Vault
Stainless Steel Vault
-12 gauge
7 Gauge Galvanized Steel Vault
Galvanized Steel Vault
-7 gauge
-10 gauge
-12 gauge
12 Gauge Steel Vault
Non-Galvanized Steel Vault
-12 gauge

Grave Liners

Grave liners support the weight of surrounding soil, but do not provide protection from moisture. Grave liners are available in concrete and 13 gauge non-galvanized steel.