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Bobby Kowalski

Bobby Kowalski
May 22, 1932
October 6, 2021
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Bobby was kind to me as an "outsider" in Washington County when we first met in 1978. People in the area shunned me as a new CAT guy. Bobby introduced me to a few other dirt moving people and doors started opening for me. Bobby and I had a special connection, he was a real mentor to me. He taught me much about how to take care of people and machines. We remained friends for 40 plus years and I treasure each time I got to see him. Rest in Peace my dear friend.
Philip Tinker
Bryan, TX
I am so sorry to hear about the passing of my friend Bobby Kowalski. We went to the military together on my birthday in 1953 and were stationed together the entire time we were in the Army. Bobby will be greatly missed by all who knew him. My condolences and prayers to his family.
Orvie Lee Luedemann
There are very few people who can come close to being as genuine as Bobby was. His kindness, gentleness and integrity made him unique and set him apart as a man. Just seeing his picture brought such a smile to my face. I am very grateful for the privilege of knowing him. We hope to be there to welcome Bobby back when Jehovah resurrects him and gives him the prospect of enjoying the complete fulfillment of the Bible’s promise: “The righteous will possess the earth, and they will live forever on it.” (Psalm 37:29) Our sincerest condolences during this time of grief. Jimmy and Pattie
Jimmy Smith
Fredericksburg, TX
My memories of "Uncle Bobby" are those of a sweet and gentle man. We always talked about his treasured puppy dogs. God Bless him and his family...
You will be missed "Uncle Bobby"...

Nancy Burch
Nancy Burch
Brenham, TX
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