In Loving Memory

Dorothy Niemeyer

Dorothy Niemeyer
July 23, 1925
March 19, 2009
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To Ben & all of Dorothy's family members,

I can so vividly remember when she & Ben were able and present @ worship on a regular basis. I also recall times w/ her @ both Perry's & Wal-Mart especially in the area of fabrics which seemed to be her own expertise.

She was always ready w/ a good conversation and appreciated questions about Ben as his health began to decline. I remember having a good conversation w/ her @ HEB not so long ago about how tentative life is and what we have to look forward to . . .

She was a mentor to me as a youth growing up @ St. John, Prairie Hill. May she rest in peace,

Pat Schroeder, St. John's, PH
Pat Schroeder
Brenham, TX
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