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Dr. Jimmy Read Haskins

Dr. Jimmy Read Haskins
June 15, 1935
May 15, 2022
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Sorry to learn of Jimmy’s passing. He was a classmate of mine graduating from Mexia High School in 1953. I would see and visit with him when we had our class reunions. My sympathy to his family.
Billie Denton Jorda
Waco, TX
my thoughts and prayers are with Dr. Haskins family. I began my employment with Brenham State School in 1979 as a Speech Pathologist. In 1981 I was approached about applying for the Admissions Coordinator position. As my mentor and friend Dr. Haskins served as my supervisor. The services we provided to the citizens of Texas was of the highest quality. Dr. H. was a strong leader of the staff who provided services to the developmentally disabled.
Jim Lather
Albuquerque, NM
Condolences to Christi on the loss of her Dad.
Fred Saltsman
Colorado Springs, CO
I met Dr. Haskins when I went to work there for my field placement to complete my BS degree in 1976. I was fortunate to get a job there after graduating and even more fortunate after 1 year of working there to be approached by him & was asked about my future as a Social Worker. He indicated MSW's were needed and that had always been my plan, but he made it happen with helping to arrange a stipend for me to go to graduate school for 2 yrs. I graduated in 1980 from UTA and returned to work at the state school. I have always been grateful to him for his support and confidence in me. As people have indicated, he was an outstanding leader for us at the state school and he was always aware of every one and every thing going on. He didn't miss a beat. I visited him a couple of months ago as I had heard he was struggling with health issues. To the family, my prayers are with you as you process your grief and celebrate his life. He was truly a wonderful man and leader. I hope you find comfort in knowing that he is now resting in Heaven and at peace.
Judy Hassebrock
Brenham, TX
Dear Christi
My thoughts & prayers for you your family.
Carol Whiddon
Brenham, TX
I wanted to take this opportunity upon hearing of your beloved father's passing, to thank you for sharing him with the greater Brenham community especially Brenham State Supported Living Center. My sister has lived at BSSLC for almost 10 years and she has enjoyed so many of Dr. Haskins' contributions to the lives of the people who live there. I know you will miss him but take some measure of comfort that he is reunited with your mother and brother and his parents. But most of all that he is in the presence of His Lord who surely welcomed him by saying, "Well done, good and faithful servant." Your Dad gave so much to those who could never repay him but our Heavenly Father has a treasure stored up for him. My deepest condolences on the loss of this great man. May you be comforted in the days ahead by the Prince of Peace.
Thank you Dr. Haskins for your many years of exemplary service to the intellectually disabled of Texas. Good men like you are always needed and sorely missed.
Carrol R Johnson
Magnolia, TX
Dr. Haskins was a caring and giving person. There was no stronger advocate for those we served at Brenham State School. It was a privilege to work with him. Well done, faithful servant, well done.
Rick Carroll
Dr Haskins was the best superintendent he knew every employee could call them by name he walked the campus every day. Had such great respect for him. RIP Dr Haskins.
Lynn Schmidt
Brenham, TX
Dr.Haskins was a quiet giant; his leadership at the Brenham State School set the stardard of excellence it has enjoyed. His was a life-well lived, in service to others. May his family continue his legacy.
Mary Lou Winkelmann
Mary Lou Winkelmann
Brenham, Texas, TX
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