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Dr. Wilfred O. Dietrich

Dr. Wilfred O. Dietrich
May 22, 1924
June 22, 2019
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I was saddened to hear about his passing.

I was fortunate to have him as my English teacher at Burton - both junior high and high school.

English was hard for me since I did start learning English until I entered the 1st grade. My parents only spoke German on the farm.

I attended Blinn when Dr Dietrich was a professor there. Unfortunately I did not have him as my English Professor.
Elvis Mackenroth, PE
DFW Area, TX
What a wonderful, full, and meaningful life this man had.

Thoughts, prayers, and a tribute to this man who made such a difference in our city, county and state!

He will be missed.

Charlotte and Bob Smith
Charlotte Smith
Brenham, TX
Dr. Dietrich was one of my favorite professors at Blinn. I took him for English 1302 in the Spring of 1999, and I enjoyed him and his class very much. Dr. Dietrich was always willing to help, and he was a really nice man. He will be missed. Robin Cunningham, Blinn class of 2000
Robin Cunningham
Boerne, TX
i'm so sorry to hear. my heart goes out to all the family and those he touched. He was my english teacher. he was so wonderful - just a pure delight. i still repeat one of his stories to this day. may his light continue to shine in all he crossed and until we meet again. my deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences. roberta michalsky - fayetteville, texas
roberta michalsky
austin, TX
Dr. Dietrich is, and always will be a Great Family Man and Wonderful Educational Man. He was friends with our Grand Parents, taught our Parents, and taught us all English. He was an honorable neighbor at our Grandma's and Grandpa's home on MIlroy Drive. Us three Boys would ride our bikes and head straight to Dr. Dietrich's home to eat our fill on sweet peaches. He always gave us a bucket full of peaches to give to our parents.

He was demonstrative of honor, humbleness, kindness, generosity, wisdom, philosophy, and leadership. We thank you, Dr. Dietrich for being the role model of our family and the entire community. You will not be missed, since missing denotes baseball or fishing when you miss the big one and he got off, rather, you shall be remembered and stories of your kindness live on in word and text, in book and web search, your love and kindness will suffice a honey bee dearth. You are a kind man of this State, Nation, The entire Earth.
Condolences with Respect,

The Voelkel Family
LTC. Tyson, LTC. Trevor and LT. Beau
Brenham, College Station and Fort. Campbell, Kentu, TX
Dr Dietrich was a great man and a wonderful teacher.
He taught me english at Blinn for 2 years and made it interesting to me. He also taught my sisters, Sandra Meischen Aschenbeck , and Carol Meischen Thielmann. They both adore him as a man and a great teacher
Rest in Peace
Delbert Meischen
Delbert Meischen
Burton, TX
Mr Dietrich (that's what you were called when I did two years at Blinn). I was so fortunate to have had you both years and for you to be my advisor when I worked on the Blinn yearbook. What a kind, unselfish, and helpful professor you were...when you passed I tried to think of other professors I had the 4 semesters at Blinn and then 5 at SFASU....but you were the only one I made such an impression on this Austin County gal....Rest in peace together with your Bobbie.
Abby Machemehl Sandlin
HoustonDr, TX
Dr. Dietrich will be remembered for his dedication to preserving our local history and encouraging the arts and education thru his service at the Brenham Heritage Museum and support of local arts, school and church organizations. He was truly a man for all seasons and will be deeply missed.
Jo Ann Wolf
Brenham, TX
He made a difference...and left a legacy.
Mary Lou and Roger Winkelmann
Brenham, TX
Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time. Wilfred, active in so many civic activists, will be greatly missed. His love for Brenham was clearly evident in the many organizations he supported.
Nathan & June Finke
Dallas, TX
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