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Francesca Natalia Giannotti

Francesca Natalia Giannotti
March 9, 2000
April 11, 2020
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I am so very sorry for your loss . I love you April Ann !!!!!!!! Sending all my love to you on this hard day.
Bethany Myers
Tampa, FL
Dear Lord I ask that you bless this precious soul. Lord I ask and pray for you to watch over the family and loved ones. In Jesus name I Bess you all.

Sending sincere sympathy to everyone touched by the loss of this beautiful young lady.
Michelle Myers
Peru, IN
Frankie has always been so joyful, funny, creative, and genuine. Her outgoing spirit is so unique and unforgettable. She could make anyone laugh and light up a room without even trying. Everyone loved her and has been blessed to have known her. I am very grateful to have been friends with someone as kind and loving as Frankie and to have shared memories with her. My family and I have your family in our thoughts and prayers.
Sydney Gelsthorpe
Bellville, TX
I’ve known Frankie since she moved to Bellville. We both were new to Bellville the same year and over the years we became good friends. She lit up every room she went in and never failed to put a smile on our faces with her jokes. I had the privilege to have many classes with Frankie. She was always so care free and I always aspired to be more like her. I’m so blessed to have known her sweet soul and I will certainly always cherish the memories we shared. Praying for your family??
Kasey Cleboski
Bellville, TX
Frankie's was my sister's best friend. She was at our baby's gender reveal party and brought so much energy and comfort to my wife and me. We all wanted a girl including Frankie. When we found out it was a boy, Frankie went up to my wife and said, "Congratulations! It's not a girl, but I'm sure it he will still be wonderful, because he will be a McGhee!" Frankie was one of the best elements in my sister's life and I'm grateful that they were friends. Our most sincerest condolences to your family.
Nathan McGhee
Texas City, TX
Dear family Giannotti
So sorry for your loss may the God of Comfort sooth your heart in this time of sorrow and grief, may the hope that Jesus talk about in the Bible in John chapter 11 console you He said I am the resurrection and the life if you exercise faith in me even though she or he dies will come to life.
Sincerely Idalia Bellard ( friend of Lisa and Rigo)
Idalia Bellard
Richmond Tx, TX
Frankie was such an exceptional young lady. I will miss her coming to my house with Madison. She was such a joy to be around. I will always remember her beautiful smile and warm hugs. Fly with the Angels Sweet Girl. I love you.
Robin Davenport
Bellville, TX
I was saddened to learn of Frankie's passing.
Please accept my sincere condolences and sympathy.
Trudy Kraft
New Braunfels, TX
Frankie was one of the sweetest people I have ever known. We had gone to school together, but we became friends when we worked at Bush’s Chicken. Frankie taught me to be thankful for what I have, and that it’s okay to not know the answer sometimes. I love you, Frankie.
Jade Monet
Bellville, TX
My Frankie - I will forever miss our cheek kisses and singing and car ride dancing. There are no words that can express the love of an Aunt and how proud I am to say Frankie is MY niece. There is an absolute missing piece in our family and my heart aches. I do know our deep faith will guide us through as He is in charge.
Aunt Amy Avant
Brenham, TX
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