Johnnie Julian Jezierski, Jr. - Guestbook

Johnnie and Melody,

For some reason I totally missed Mr. J.'s obituary and writeup. I'm so sorry to hear of this loss and hope things are better for you now. It will take a little time but just think of the memories you have. That's something that will never leave you....

If you hadn't heard, Butch passed away nearly a year and a half ago (5/29/2020), so I can honestly tell you things are tapering off a bit (thank goodness). It all just takes time.

Know that you are on my mind.

Betsy Faske
Betsy Faske
Brenham, TX
I've known your family for years and share my condolences with your loss of the family patriarch. May God continue to bless you all.
Randy Ullrich
Brenham, TX
Your Father has left such a wonderful legecy. I am Pam Addicks Wood. Your Dad and my parents, Lonnie and Dorothy Addicks, were in Argent Court together. Daddy was really was glad when Mr. Johnnie came. Daddy said Jeanette always came and gave him a hug! So sweet. Of course as you know our Mother went to home to Jesus almost 3 weeks ago, and we had previously moved our Daddy back to their home, so Daddy was not there when you Father passed. Daddy said, "that Johnnie loved his music, especially polka". How awesome that is! What wonderful memories you have.
Pamela A Wood
Houston, TX
Condolences to your family during this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys.
Mr. & Mrs. Barry A. Wright
Katy, TX