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J.T. Davis

J.T. Davis
November 2, 1929
January 27, 2021
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My dear Loretta, I'm so sorry for your loss of J.T. I pray you have peace knowing he will be waiting for you with open arms to show you around his Kingdom Home.
Lindi Braddock
Brenham, TX
Sorry to hear about His passing. Prayers for the family
Charon Marshall
Bacliff, TX
Our condolences and sympathy to the Davis family during this difficult time. May God bless you with your wonderful memories.
Darrel & Vickie Neutzler
Carmine, TX
Uncle J.T.

I always referred to you as JAKE! You had a nickname for everyone. You branded me with “Freck”, which at the time I hated because of all my freckles. It was okay because the way you said it made it sound so cute. Your long drawn out Mississippi twang.

Memories of the chicken coop, always being reminded don’t step in the poop, don’t scare the chickens!

You told me to get on that horse and for Charlotte to make it stretch-out so Freck could climb-up. You wanted me to feel how a horse could run. Scared me to death!

Our many trips to Memorial Park getting ready for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Watching the many practices and shows with the Texas Range Riders.

Always greeting me with “Hello Freck” you doing allright. Always making sure we were all safe.

What a reunion there must be in heaven with all our loved ones gone before greeting you with open arms! Guess the good Lord needed another Cowboy!

Thank you Uncle Jake! Until we meet again, I will miss you dearly!

Love “Freck”
Barbara Walpole
Sugar Land, TX
It’s nearly impossible to put into words what my youngest brother J T meant to me. He was one of the sweetest, most generous, helpful and kind hearted brothers you could ever have. He helped raise me and my sisters, Mary and Pat. He was the youngest of our 6 brothers and I was the youngest of 9. I always looked up to him and respected him in so many ways. We’re such a close knit big family and he always wanted us all together. He truly loved his family and friends and was a lifelong Christian who set a great example. He will be missed by everyone who knew him and there’s a big hole in my heart right now. I am blessed by so many wonderful memories. I love you J T. Rest in Heaven. Your Baby Sister and her loving husband, Nelda and Allen.
Nelda Lee
Dripping Springs, TX
Will miss you so much. Raymond and i loved visiting uncle J.T. and Mitzi. Loved the stories he would share. Will see you again one day?
Colleen Davis
Montgomery, TX
Uncle “T”
The memories could go on and on forever and what memories we made and shared through the years!

From my childhood memories spending my summers in Summerland, Mississippi up until I shared with you getting my own ranch!

The back porch where we shelled peas, using the outhouse and chamber pot at nights by our bed. The spillway where we swam only after our chores were done, which meant hurry up and get those watermelons loaded! Roll them down the hill, faster than hauling them one by one. As I recall, we only busted a few before you busted us! Our trips to the little post office and store to pick up your mail and we always got to pick out our favorite bag of candy then load up in the back of the pickup truck for home. Covered up to our pants with red mud from walking in the ditches from the neighbors to home. Never entered our minds what it took to get our clothes clean.

Where I learned my love for pickup trucks, horses, cows and kittens! Throwing the kittens off the porch to see if they would land on their feet? They did every time. To the walks across the wooden bridge, hoping the trolls (from the scary stories we were told while sleeping in one big room) wouldn’t come up and grab us, on our way to the church house.

The time you sent me to the stables where the Range Riders stabled their horses. I was to ride one that was for sale. I threw on a bridle, took him out of his stall, jumped on the horse bareback, (the only way I rode), and off I went around the pasture. He was magnificent! When I told you how much I loved and wanted to buy the horse, you freaked out, telling me I rode the wrong horse and no one but his owner was able to ride him! What a laugh my dad and everyone got every time you told the story. Although I could not afford that horse and he wasn’t for sale, I would have loved to have him.

Buying my third horse, Buckshot, a quarter horse from you. What a fine animal he was! Still riding bareback, Buckshot stretched out so I could jump on his back. Although his name suited him well, he managed to throw me only once!

After I lost dad, I couldn’t wait to share my good fortune with you when Gavin and I bought our ranch. Asking your advise on the kind of cows to buy and waiting to show the ranch off to you. I was never prouder when you and Aunt Mitzie came for the day and spent the night! I felt like a kid at Christmas.

I could go on and on with the memories, but a book would be better for there were just so many years that we made memories.

The lost of Mom, Raymond and you have been a toll on this family.
Now what a celebration there will be there to greet you!

I will always cherish these memories and carry them in my heart.

Love you more,
Verna (Davis) McClelland
Verna (Davis) McClelland
Rusk, TX
Dear Aunt Mitzie , Linda & Charlotte,

Uncle JT was one of a kind, he was a great man, father & husband, grandpa & many more things to us here on earth.

I have the most fondest memories on the farm as a young girl. This is when I fell in love with horses & wanted to be just like my cousin Linda!

Uncle JT always had a smile on his face & the best sense of humor. They just don’t make them like him anymore.

I find comfort that he welcomed my Daddy to heaven. I know they would want us to remember all our fun, loving, joyful, warming memories that will stay in our hearts for eternity.

I love you both,
Shalene Davis
Shalene Davis
Katy, TX
A truly wonderful man. He will be sorely missed.
Lewis W "Chip" Smith Iv, Lydia and Abby Smith:
Sugar Land, TX
We will always remember the good things we enjoyed with you and JT. Hoping your days will be blessed by Christ’s care and presence with you Loretta. See ya on the other side with Jesus
Roger and Candice Huebner
Jacksonville, NC
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