In Loving Memory

Marguerite Booth

October 31, 1916
October 30, 2015
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She is a part of my life memories. Thank you Marguerite.
Carol Dippel Weber
Brenham, TX
Aunt Marguerite was not my true aunt but was always that in our hearts. She grew up with and was good friends with my Mother, Elizabeth D. Schmid Dippel (who married Footie Hahn after my father's death). She was cousin to my mother, whose mother (Betty Dobert Schmid) was Aunt Lillie Phlughaupt's sister.

She was full of wisdom and wit and will be missed.

May she rest in peace.
Carey Charles and Mary Anne Dippel
houston, TX
My Grandmother use to attend things at the Pflughaupt home when I was a child. Marguerite use to take me with her out to Gun & Rod--call it baby sitting But from that we established a long, loving friendship. She will always remain in my heart. Love, Virginia & A.W. Hodde, Jr.
Virginia Kessel Hodde
Brenham, TX
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