In Loving Memory

Michael J Moor

Michael J Moor
April 21, 1950
January 30, 2021
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Our heartfelt sympathy. We so sorry to hear of your loss. Just know that our prayers are with you all.
Tony and Nancy Frazier
Livingston, TX
A good character is the best tomstone.Those who loved you and were helped by you Michael will remember you when forget-me-nots have withered. You have carved your name on their hearts may you rest in peace.

All our sympathy and prayers
Gene and Kerri Roos
Gene, Kerri, Austin & Savannah Roos
Willis, TX
Words don’t suffice to express the heartfelt sorrow we feel for the passing of Mike. He was a treasured friend and will be missed. Sincere condolences.
Love, David and Kathy
David & Kathy Gibson
Porter, TX
We are all so sorry and sad because of your situation with the passing of your husband and father.
Teena, Julianne, and Delma used to be Frazier
Texas City, TX
Hedy, my heart is broken for all of you. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Wika and Ruthie. I send you my condolences and love.
Connie Chandler
Kingwood, TX
Michael was one of our first Students to enroll, along with Hedy, when we first opened our Martial Art School- Kuk Sool Won of Kingwood- in 1996.
Not only was Michael a dedicated Student, he was also a great support to both Hilda and myself, and a highly respected supporter of the School and we are proud to say he was our good friend. Michael went on to train for over 10 years and achieved the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt. His picture still hangs in our School to this day. Rest In Peace Michael- you will be missed.
SIKJN Richard Roper
Kingwood, TX
I love you Daddy! You are the peanut butter to my jelly! How will I go on without you here?! I can’t believe this happening.

I’m so proud of you. You did everything right. And you fought so hard. We know it.

A piece is missing from all of us.

I love you forever. W
Number one
Wimberley, TX
...I carry your heart w me I carry it in my heart ... (EE Cummings)

Not only glad we found each other, but glad we never let go! I love you forever! You are my Heart!!!
Brenham, TX
No words can adequately describe the depth of grief and sorrow as I say good bye to one of my dearest friends except to say Mike will live forever in my memory and my heart. We will always miss him. May God give you peace Hedy and girls knowing how much he meant to others. Wr love you very much.
Belinda Wright Hudson
Panama City Beach, FL
Aunt Hedy Ann, Hedwika, Ruth and all...I am so sorry for y’all’s loss ????
Uncle Michael Im sure you had a positive influence on many. You sure taught me at an early age the meaning of giving and paying it forward. Our lives take us down different paths as we age. We may not keep in touch...but I will always remember your kindness. RIP
Hedy Weimmer
Sugar Land, TX
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