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Susan Kuhlmann

Susan Kuhlmann
June 26, 1964
October 15, 2022
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Dear Howard and family,
I have had the pleasure and honor of working with Susan the past four or so years, I, in Accounting with DNOW and Susan, in procurement. She was always willing to help me out if I had a question or, to be open to listen if I questioned something. She had a wealth of knowledge, and I am so glad that I had such a great co-worker! I will miss her greatly and you all have my deepest sympathy. My prayers are with you and my hope is you all are surrounded by many happy memories. God bless you all!
Kindest regards,
Susan Blaies
Susan L. Blaies
Houston, TX
I worked with Susan for many years. She was always very helpful and I enjoyed stopping by her desk for a short chat. We shared dessert recipes and yes, everything Astros. She was always up for an after work burger and beer with her co-workers. It will be hard not seeing her at her desk everyday. My sincere condolences to her family.
Barbara Waldmann
Houston, TX
I work for a pipe supplier who has a long history working with Susan. She was always a pleasure to be around, a wonderful person. She will be missed. I speak for everyone at my company, our hearts and prayers go out to her family and friends. May she rest in peace. God Bless.
Jon Briggs
Spring, TX
Over the 40 plus years that I've known Susie, I found her to be always happy and up for a good time.
She was like family to us. I will cherish our beach trips, river trips, and parties. My favorite Susie memory is when we would decorate her house at Christmas time while listening to our favorite Christmas music and sipping on the spiked eggnog that she made. She loved crafts, too. I will cherish the baby books she handmade for my children and my sister's children. Susie will remain in our hearts forever. Until we meet again, my bestie. Antlers up!
Karen Anderson Gilbert
Cypress, TX
Susanator, is what I coined her because she was THE lady in anything and everything.
I surely miss our time together sitting next to each at work for 7 yrs and carrying on about concerts, music, food, vacations, NCR’s, and MOSTLY, our beloved Houston Astros. I looked forward to game days after my departure from DNOW chatting and cheering along with her and Tim for all 162 regular season games and of course the excitement the playoffs brings us all. She truly was a magnificent and idol example of professionalism, outstanding knowledge and presence. I was so lucky to have been a close pupil and friend of hers. I will miss her dearly and can only hope to accomplish as much excellence as she has.
Condolences to all who knew and loved her.
Go Stros Susanator!
Bianca Estrada
Houston, TX
I will miss Susan. We have been friends and co-workers for 8 years. Talking about everything - work, Astros, cooking channel, Downton Abbey, Christmas gifts and decorating and our family and friends. She loved meeting everyone at happy hour and hanging out tasting the beer menu.

I'm happy we got to know each other over the years and I know we'll all miss her.
Alisha Gaitan
Houston, TX
When I think of Susan's attributes, one of the first to come to mind is what a great listener she always was. She would listen intently, ever looking for the humor that could be derived from a story. She was never a person to laugh at someone, but always a willing participant in laughing with someone. She was ever diligent in maintaining her control and composure. More than once I heard her utter her mantra "all things in moderation." She was truly a joyous soul to be in the company of. I think that when I find myself in her company again, she will rush over to find out what silly circumstance or predicament I had gotten myself into since last seeing her, just so she could laugh at life along with me. The world will be a little worse off in her absence, but it's never goodbye, it's I'll see you when I see you again.
Lisa and John Craig
New Fairview, TX
Susan and I worked together for 14 years. Hers was always one of the desks I enjoy stopping at for a chat. I can still hear her say, " know...Timm" before giving me the news and challenge of the day. Always with a smirk and a laugh.

Susan had such a firm grasp on anything she took on. Always positive, always a step ahead, and an unbelievable prognosticator.

I know I can speak for the entire DNOW Family in saying she will be dearly missed -- as both a friend and a coworker. She really was one of the special ones.

I now wish I knew her fondness for polka. We definitely missed out on some great conversation.

Condolences to Howard, Janet, and the entire Kuhlmann and Pietsch families - and prayers for your grief.
Timm Bohnert
The Woodlands, TX
I first met Ms. Susan in 1992 as Guyon General Piping was acquired by Van Leeuwen. She was a friend, a co-worker and loved people and she never met a stranger. She was always positive and helpful. Most of all she was a huge Astros fan. Susan, Bianca and I would text together on every game from the first pitch to the last out, and then some. We had fun! She said she was missing an Astros championship ring for her Astros collection. I had an extra one, so we met at one of her favorite hamburger joints, The Backyard Grill, on October 8, 2022, and gave her a Yuli Gurriel ring. She was so excited. She will be greatly missed. Please except our deepest condolences.
Tim Migl
Houston, TX
Susan has been in my life as far back as I can remember. Baseball, sleepovers, bike rides, spring branch pool, freed park, drive inns, Surfside Beach, the sand pits. Wherever she was, I was. She was truly the happiest person I ever knew. When I was pregnant, I walked to her house every day to get a homemade sour pickle from her mom Doris. She will be greatly missed. Antlers up!
Dorothy Matlage McCumber
Houston, TX
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