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John "Rusty" Bell

John "Rusty" Bell
March 9, 1958
November 25, 2021
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I just learned of Rusty's passing. I have lived in Fort Worth for many years now but talked to him on the phone every other month the last 2 years. Then I couldn't reach him anymore. I would always ask about him when I talked to others in Brenham from the old High School days. I got the call today about Rusty. We had some great times in High School. In our conversations on the phone, I learned that he was a Christian. Those conversations help me strengthen my faith in Jesus Christ. It saddens me I can't talk to him anymore, but I don't have hopelessness because he is with Jesus. I will see him again in a new Earth, and new Heaven with a glorified new body unbroken and without pain or sadness. As a child of God we are to be in the world, but not of the world and to be a light in world darken by evil. You can take the world now and all it has to give and miss the world to come. That is a sad and hopeless thing.
I'm very sorry for this great loss.
Keith Gibson
Fort Worth, TX
Having grown up with you as my back yard neighbor, I have soooo many fond memories of playing with you and Jimmie. Those were so much fun then and even today to be able to remember the good times with you. I wanted to drop by and surprise you about 2 months ago when I was in Brenham, but never made it by due to time constraints. Now I wish I had the change to say good-by to a life long friend. Even as we both grew up, I enjoyed the times I could walk over to the fence where we were able to get "caught up" on what was going on in our lives.

It is comforting to know that you remained strong in your faith as I have also. Well, you beat me to Heaven so enjoy the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ as I know it an experience that we are not able to express with mortal words.

Jimmie, I really wanted to come to the service on Thursday but a previous commitment will not allow it. If you are in Brenham anytime soon, please let me know as it would great to see you.

Your life long friend, Ronnie Gajeske
Ronnie D Gajeske
Houston, TX
Uncle Rusty was an amazing uncle who loved us all unconditionally. He spent most of his adult life loving and taking care of grandma B.B. and I always admired him for that. He was a giver who always put others before himself. Uncle Rusty and my dad we're very close, talking at least 3-4 times a week and I know those chats will be greatly missed.. But your race has been run uncle Rusty and I know that the Good Lord was there to welcome you home. Love you always.

Baylor Jane
Baylor Bell
wellington, KS
Uncle rusty was always full of so much light and joy every time I saw him. It would always make me laugh when he would come over to my dads house and ask me “is he always like this?” It always made me laugh and smile to see my dad Jim and rustys relationship. He always saw the beauty in everything and admired creation and I loved that about him. I also really admired him for taking care of his mother for so many years. That takes a special person and gifts and he always did it so happily. I love you Uncle rusty and I’m so glad to have ever known you. You’re somewhere much better and you’re with your angels now and they are celebrating!!
Brannan Bell
My sweet sweet DEAR Uncle Rusty,
I mourn today because you are no longer here with us on this earth, our TEMPORARY home. I REJOICE today, simply because you have finally SUCCESSFULLY made it HOME, to your Heavenly Father in Heaven! Every single day of your life I can honestly say That you STROVE to be like Jesus In LITERALLY EVERYTHING that you did, everything you said, and most importantly in all your actions! Your actions DEFINITELY spoke louder than words.
Anyone and everyone who knew you would agree with me on this, and knew this about you uncle Rusty! You were such a devoted follower of Christ and loved our Lord and Savior more than anything in this world. You DEVOTED your entire life to him…
You did that in SO MANY different ways. One that is VERY particular, Will be taking care of my baby Bell, who was your mother. My grandma Bell was so blessed to have you as a son who looked after her like you did 24 seven. You are so selfless uncle resting. You literally put everyone, I mean everyone above yourself! You were a true servant and follower of Jesus Christ uncle Rusty! I had ALWAYS looked up to you for a couple different reasons. ONE, being that you were “disabled “ as the doctors would call it. That “disability “ did I’m not stop my uncle Rusty from doing anything! And I mean anything! He did anything that he put his mind to, and did it just as well as anyone else, and thought nothing of it. TWO, you followed your Lord and savior, Jesus Christ NO MATTER WHAT! Your faith NEVER waivered. I will always Admire you for that, and never forget that about you!. You will be missed by so many uncle Rusty! Thank you for being such a wonderful uncle to me and my sisters! We love you so much and will never forget you! I will see you one of these days soon, in heaven together with all of our other family :-)
I LOVE YOU UNCLE RUSTY! I don’t want to say rest in peace, because I know you are rejoicing in heaven with your Savior!

Love your first niece,
Blakely Ann Bell - Davis
Blakely Davis
Tulsa, OK
Uncle Rusty was the best! What a special, kind, loving, God-fearing man he was. I loved my conversations with him, they always felt so meaningful! I will forever remember my Uncle Rusty’s love for The Lord! He was such a beautiful soul & will NEVER be forgotten.
Brooklyn & Niall Ferguson
Edmond, OK
What a loss to me and our family. Words simply cannot describe my pain and grief I am experiencing; a part of me died with my brother the day he went to Heaven.
Rusty was a man of honor, dignity,kindness, absolute compassion for others, loyalty, a pure sole who helped others before he provided for himself.
I will desperately miss you my brother. My heart is completely overwhelmed with sadness yet I know in my soul of souls that you have been received into heaven by our almighty God and his son our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
Without any question heaven is in the midst of a massive party with you our Mom and Dad and all of our family members who were there to greet you when you walked through the Pearly Gates of Gods Grand Kingdom!!
You will always be in my heart, the hearts of my children and our family until we meet again down the road.
I love you my brother.
James William Bell
Edmond, OK
Another dear classmate gone too soon.
My heartfelt sympathy to his family & friends.
Rest In Peace & fly high now that you have your wings.

Debbie Marburger Gutierrez
SRS ‘77
Debbie Gutierrez
Brenham, TX
Rusty was one of my childhood friends, even though we didn’t maintain contact after we each went our own way in life, I have many pleasant memories of the time we spent playing together and especially Boy Scout camping trips. I always admired his spirit and positive attitude.
Many condolences on his passing.
Rest In Peace, my friend.
Art Free
Rockdale, TX
Rest In Peace Rusty & Fly high with the angels. You had a big heart & a contagious smile and I know your family and friends are saddened but they know you will be smiling and greeting everyone.
Gloria Witte
Brenham, TX
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