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Virginia Elizabeth Jago Elder

November 21, 2018
November 21, 2018
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Dear Family,

I loved Virginia.

I think I first met her in elementary school where I enjoyed chasing Nick- way back then...then I got to know Virginia when we took yoga classes together about 10 years ago(She defected to Pilates), and later we became dog walking buddies in our neighborhood.

When my father died in January, Virginia was quick to tell me stories about them both at Kinkaid. He used to pick her up on his motor scooter and take her to school in the morning- they also rode horses together in the afternoon. They are some of my most treasured stories.

I remember her looking at me on that cold, cloudy
day and saying, "Isn't it just awful?!" Yes, she knew as she had suffered so much loss, and yet she was so strong in her caring for me.

I will miss seeing her walking with her beloved dog, but I will always have her words and the picture of the two of them walking down Overbrook in my mind's eye.

Will keep you all in my prayers,
Vaughan Huge Clark
Vaughan Clark
Houston, TX
My condolences to Virginia's family. I admired her spirit and her intelligence. She stayed involved in enjoying life in spite of the loss of her husband and son. She was a great example.
Hal Moorman
Brenham, TX
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